March 10, 2023

Tips & Tricks for Lovely Bridesmaid Photos

In need of tips & tricks for lovely bridesmaids photos? There are many poses when it comes to getting good photos but here are my top 5:

The back of the dresses

I love aligning the bride and her bridesmaids to show off the back of their dresses. This way you are able to see the bride’s train along with any details that may be on the back of each dress. Chances are ALL the dresses are lovely so why not show off a different angle?

Lovely Bridesmaids Photos

The hold out the bouquets

This pose is genuinely one of my favorites. I always incorporate the bouquets in some way because it gets everyone moving and laughing which is always adorable for photos. Hold out those bouquets! It’s a fun way to loosen up and get used to the camera and you are going to want photos of your stunning bouquet. I would also highly suggest preserving your bouquet. It’s a newer trend but so worth it.

Lovely Bridesmaids Photos

The goofy pose (with or without the bride:))

Always fun, always a favorite! Weddings are filled with beautiful things; the flowers, the invitations, the dresses & tuxedos. Letting loose a little can be a breath of fresh air when every little thing is perfect. Your friends that stand beside you on your wedding day are the ones that know you best. Be yourselves and have fun! No one is going to judge here.

The getting ready huddle

Getting ready doesn’t always have to be stressful. Sure, you may have to wake up at 7 am to have hair and makeup done but being in the same room as your favorite gals while getting glammed sounds pretty good to me, don’t you agree? Pop the bubbly and toast with the girls!

Lovely Bridesmaids Photos

The look at the bride and tell a funny story

This may sound a little on the spot but you know there are stories to tell! This is usually one of the first poses I suggest because it gets everyone laughing and comfortable in front of the camera. And as silly as it may be to ask, it always seems to work out just perfectly. See happy smiles below.

There you have it! 5 easy and fun ways to get lovely bridesmaids photos with your nearest and dearest. Stay tuned for more Tips & tricks.

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